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Hi there folks! This page contains content of interest to my family and friends. The pages here are created with the intent of sharing photos, news, histories, a few laughs and other information.

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A very Happy Birthday to Steve Hall on August 5th and Jordan Fierke on August 7th.

You can find me, Bob Fierke, on my Facebook page for a bit of socializing.   The Webmaster here is still in need of some input on the the Wilder family history and info on them. Hopefully we may see some new biographies. And not to forget the Beilfusses, we can always use more information and photos, so if you have some, please pass them along to me.  If you see any mistakes in our family biographies please send me an email at



                We walked here once, Grandfather.
                These trees, ponds, these springs and streams,
                And that big flat rock across the water over there.
                We used to meet with you over there --
                Remember, Grandfather?

                Something happened, Grandfather.
                We have lost our way somewhere.
                Everything is going away.
                The four-legged, the trees, springs and streams,
                Even the big water where the Laughing Whitefish goes,
                and the big sky of many eagles
                Are saying goodbye.

                Come back, Grandfather, come back.

                                        Jim Washinawatok (The Menominee)
                                               of Frenchmen's Pond

Thoughts from Haslett

These days in America, greed has a big foot in the door and accountability is hiding in the closet. -- June 2007

Show me a good man, and he'll either be a victim of procrastination if he's an average guy, or of assassination if famous. -- December 2008

Speaking now of famous men, our president in particular, the easiest people to fool are those with a naive belief in the inate goodness of man. I don't like being pessimistic, but hey, I've been around a long time and I can recall the good men who were famous ... I can count them on ten fingers. Can't you? -- March 2009

We will have a new president taking office this month, Donald Trump. After a messy campaign and a very close election, the Republicans will take over and hopefully bring this country out of these doldrums of same ol' same ol' economy and corporate control.

People have concerns but I hope we can pull together and get it done despite the all the whining and crying over Hillary Clinton's loss. I for one am glad we have the opportunity to change things and "make America great again."


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